Kiana Ziadkhanpour

Kiana Ziadkhanpour is a junior at Harvard studying Molecular and Cellular Biology and Environmental Science and Public Policy. She is passionate about sustainability and exploring the path towards the creation of a decarbonized future. She is currently conducting research on blockchain applications in the energy field, focusing on pinpointing areas of growth and potential avenues for stakeholder collaborations. She is a co-founder of Energy Innovations, a cross cutting organization meant to bring together students and faculty across all of Harvard’s schools and create a community focused on the future of energy.

At Harvard, Kiana is a part of Pforzheimer House and is an Executive Editor at the Blog of the Crimson, a Peer Advising Fellow, and the Director of Operations at Harvard Undergraduate Consulting on Business and the Environment. Outside of school, Kiana is focused on furthering her interests in sustainability and story telling, and is currently working on a podcast project bringing together these passions. In her spare time she also enjoys to paint, try out new recipes, and hike.